The Technology Procurement Association​

The place for all public sector bodies to find, understand, and procure transformative technology solutions

We are the Technology Procurement Association

We can help all public sector organisations hundreds, thousands, even millions of pounds on banking charges, card processing and other banking and financial services. 

Our new Green Procurement Framework bringing sustainable and environmentally-focused solutions is poised to do even more.

UK Public Procurement struggles to keep up.

Technology based solutions evolve so quickly that most government departments don’t have the resources to understand or specify functionalities and features – Blockchain, IoT, machine learning, AI and other – that they would benefit from.

Even a small local government procurement exercise typically costs over £40k and takes over 6 months. And afterwards the lack of ongoing support for cost monitoring can lead to significant budget creep.


Many of the very best potential suppliers are creating and launching innovative new solutions more quickly than the procurement marathon involved in selling them into a public body. So they don’t.

All government budgets are stretched more thinly than ever at this time; so the concept of thousands of government bodies independently and inefficiently sourcing outdated products is sad when we are relying on these bodies to invest in challenges like the Climate Emergency and the cost of living crisis.


The solution

Imagine a procurement landscape where public sector buyers could browse the most modern and impactful pre-vetted solutions just like any online consumer browsing experience!

The TPA brings to the UK Public Sector an innovative way to access the very best procurement solutions, tailored according to the specific local requirements and their relative importance levels to each buyer, with complete oversight and audit trail, and the call-off agreement completed online. Buyers then receive full, ongoing cost monitoring and management support.


Together with our managing agents CPRAS, our solutions are currently saving millions of pounds for councils and other public sector organisations on banking charges, card processing and other banking and financial services. Our new Green Procurement Framework, bringing sustainable and environmentally-focused solutions, is poised to do even more. 

Best of all, with our platform, public sector buyers don’t just save money – they can generate whole new, and desperately needed, revenue streams by sharing their findings with the private sector

TPA : who we are, what we do and why we do it

The Technology Procurement Association is a not-for-profit membership association that promotes the efficient and well-informed adoption of emerging technology solutions by government bodies.

With a global partner base of Frontier Technology Associations and procurement specialists, we are creating the World’s First Frontier Technology Directory, and creating procurement frameworks for the most transformative solutions.

At TPA we believe that the incredible potential of the rapid rise of Frontier Technologies needs to be made much clearer and framed within the context of government environments and the communities that we serve.

So TPA provides far more than just the Procurement Frameworks and Pilot Projects that are ready for call-off.

We also provide a collaborative space to share & discover best practice, a showcase of revenue generation and investment opportunities and free, no-obligation bespoke impact reports for all solutions.

And if you are looking for a solution that you can’t find… get in touch and we will help.

So that's 'who' and 'what' - but why do we do it?

Frontier Technology can offer truly transformative impacts for both costs and service levels. The problem for government, though, is that each of these tech streams overflows with either outdated information or over-hyped solutions.

TPA cuts through to reality, providing solid, up-to-date information and bespoke impact reports for every member, as well as easy procurement routes through dedicated Procurement Frameworks


Are you looking for a particular solution?

We can review your challenge, work with you to source solutions, and create a bespoke Procurement Framework which leaves you ready and confident to call off those services, without the need to hold a tender process.