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Banking and Finance Frameworks

  • LOT 1: Banking Services

    Core banking services to include: current accounts, bacs payments, direct debit processing, online banking, chaps payments, bulk withdrawals, and other banking services.

  • LOT 2: Merchant Accounts

    A merchant account service to provide for the processing of card payments, including the provision of card processing terminals. A service which allows the supplier to accept credit and debit card payments as well as alternative payments. The service facilitates the secure passing of funds from a client's account to the supplier's account. The requirement for the provision of card processing equipment includes all physical terminals which accept the transaction data and transmit it to the merchant.

  • LOT 3: Payment Gateway Service

    A payment gateway service requirement for an e-commerce application service that authorises credit card payments for e-commerce and MOTO transactions. The payment gateway facilitates the transfer of transaction data between a payment portal (such as a website, mobile phone, or interactive voice response service) and the acquiring bank.

  • LOT 4: Direct Debit

    A Direct Debit (DD) Bureau service where the service user has obtained their own service user number (SUN), but wishes to outsource the management of such a collection facility. The requirement for the provision of direct debit services includes the fulfillment of all BACS related submissions and correspondence to payers on behalf of the service user. The provision of services for this LOT is intended to de-scope the service user's responsibilities from BACS regulations to the maximum extent possible, thus ensuring a secure processing environment which has only minimal management requirement to obtain and maintain BACS compliance

  • LOT 5: Call Masking and IVR Service

    A stand-alone service to remove card data form the telephone payment channel in order to improve efficiency, security, and PCI DSS compliance. The LOT includes hosted platforms which can be used by customer service agents to take payments in the course of a telephone conversation without being exposed to the liability of hearing or seeing cardholder data. Also included is a requirement for an automated solution for un-manned payment phone lines

  • LOT 6: Innovative Financial Services

    As frontier technology gains pace, we are conscious that niche applications often do not fit with standard industry classifications and specifications. This LOT is designed to provide a space where these solutions can be proposed, evaluated, and potentially procured. We are looking for solutions which are operationally proven. This is NOT a place to propose pilot schemes or proof of concept projects.

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