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CCTPA Launch Event: Connecting the public sector with the latest technology – 1st February 2022

The CIPFA and CPRAS Technology Procurement Association (CCTPA) is a joint venture whose purpose is to connect all public sector bodies to high tech solution providers, via pre-vetted, compliant Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS).

Whether your immediate concern is urgent cost savings, sustainability or driving resilience in communities, or indeed all of the above, there are technology options out there, available right now, which outstrip traditional solutions.

Join us on 1st February 2022

Attendance is free, and might just save you millions!

The joint venture has already established a banking and financial services framework which is saving public bodies an average of 30% on banking and payment processing services.

A Green Technology DPS is also shortly to be published, with an expectation of making solutions available for requirements as diverse as cheaper, greener road repairs and personal identity management systems, which bring dramatic savings in terms of both money and carbon footprints.

Join us for our official launch on Tuesday 1 February 2022, and find out how you can:

  • Get 12 months’ free membership with no ongoing commitments
  • Access the benefits of the existing Banking & Finance Framework (Click here to find out how to request a free bespoke cost comparison / savings report)
  • Request a free bespoke procurement – whatever solution you need, we will consult our technology networks, identify the most impactful solutions and create the appropriate DPS or Framework so that you can procure (if you choose) without the cost, time, risk and HR drain of running a tender.
  • Shape the nature of how contracts are managed after the procurement award – e.g. monitoring costs, social value, service levels and environmental impact.
  • Join our Green UK community for extra support reducing carbon footprints, protecting bio-diversity and engaging the wider community of local businesses and consumers.


  • 0900: Event opens
  • 0905: Welcome address
  • 0915: Marcus Baxby, CIPFA Head of Strategic Alliances
    Marcus will explain CIPFA’s drive to establish CCTPA and the key focus areas of supporting innovative procurement that improves financial resilience whilst providing centralised support for public bodies. There is a “perfect storm” in today’s challenges – tackling climate change and the other UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) whilst meeting unprecedented demand generated by Covid-19… all within the context of ever-increasing budgetary pressures.
  • 0930: Richard Hallewell, CCTPA CEO & Guest (TBC)
    Richard will give real life examples of technology solutions in action within the public sector, and demonstrate how public bodies can use these to make unrivalled savings, improve service levels and even create new income streams. Richard will also demonstrate how, by bringing technology into the procurement and contract management process, CCTPA can drive continuous efficiency improvements.
  • 1000: Q&A
  • 1010: Closing words (TBC)

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