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How are essays graded?

Amber Evans
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That said, it's also worth saying a few words about how essays are usually graded. Even high school and university essays do not have a "right answer. In fact, many essay topics and questions that are written in philosophy and other humanities subjects do not have a clear unambiguous solution at all. So if your instructor is still adequate, the only thing he or she will really assess is the quality of the argument.


This sounds like a ridiculous anecdote, but, alas, universities are full of people who do not feel any discomfort from uttering platitudes without any justification. Any university instructor experiences cognitive dissonance when he or she reads phrases along the lines of "That's because it's right" or "I just think it is. Consequently, for a good grade, it is usually enough to make it clear what you are talking about, take a position on the topic, and offer an argument or at least an illustration in reviews (showing that you understand and therefore can give a good example).


However, there are inadequate teachers, and here you can only sympathize. They usually expect you to take a strictly defined position (the one that, in his opinion, is correct). Writing an essay for such readers is a real pain in the ass, because you have to guess from what is said at lectures and seminars the value orientations of the teacher and adjust to them. But this is also a painful, but not very difficult task. 




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James Thomas
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Tommie Marshall
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