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2, Norton Road

Thurston, IP31 3PB

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Enviro Solutions


modular suspended pavement system that uses soil volumes to support large tree growth and provide powerful on-site stormwater management through absorption, evapotranspiration, and interception

Traveling Wave Reactor (TWR®)

Innovative design will operate with higher thermal efficiency, and consume uranium resources in a more efficient, cleaner, and safer manner than current nuclear technology. And of course, the energy provided by the TWR design will produce zero-carbon emissions.


aircarbon is used as energy for growth by microorganisms, so if it ends up in the environment, microorganisms in the soil and ocean re-consume it as food to grow and turn it back into greenhouse gas, creating a regenerative cycling loop.

Organic Mega Flow Battery

Transform the way electricity is stored on the grid, making power from renewable energy sources such as wind and solar far more economical and reliable

Industrial symbiosis

Industrial symbiosis encourages companies to adopt a collaborative approach in all aspects of their business so that resources can be recovered, reprocessed and reused elsewhere in the industrial network either by themselves or by other companies.

Ozone Water Treatment

Ozone is the most powerful oxidising agent permitted for use at this time (only fluorine is stronger – its use is banned in most countries). As an oxidising agent it is 51% stronger than chlorine and has a kill rate of 3.125 times faster. Ozone owes its biocidal effectiveness to its ability to oxidise organic material in bacterial membranes, which weakens the cell wall and leads to cell rupture causing immediate death of the cell.

DGC (Downflow Gas Contactor) Reactor

The DGC (Reactor) with its ability for complete gas absorption is a very effective gas-liquid contacting device which can be used for GAS ABSORPTION (CO2 CAPTURE), EFFLUENT TREATMENT OR CHEMICAL REACTIONS. The DGC reactor is an efficient mass transfer gas-liquid contacting/absorption device [column], where a gas and liquid stream are introduced simultaneously through a specially designed entry (SDI) section at the top of a fully flooded column.

Direct Air Capture

Direct air capture (DAC) is a process of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the ambient air (as opposed to capturing from point sources, such as a cement factory or biomass power plant) and generating a concentrated stream of CO2 for sequestration or utilization.


Fusion power is a proposed form of power generation that would generate electricity by using heat from nuclear fusion reactions. In a fusion process, two lighter atomic nuclei combine to form a heavier nucleus, while releasing energy. Devices designed to harness this energy are known as fusion reactors.

Geothermal Energy Solution

Until recently, fossil fuels were basically the only solution to rely on, when thinking about heating for your home. This has changed, with the introduction of renewable energy sources. The use of geothermal energy for homes is a great alternative, whether you are planning to build an energy-efficient house or change your current source of heat. By using geothermal energy you can get heating in winter, cooling in summer, and a hot water throughout.