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Green UK - a call to action

Responding to the Climate Emergency is the most urgent challenge that anyone has ever faced

And as leaders in public office, that’s a responsibility that lies far more heavily on us than on most people. We are now seeing many tens of thousands of people dying here in the UK as a result of climate issues, and further afield even Canada, as close as it is to the Arctic circle, is counting its dead from a killer heatwave. There are so many challenges to overcome, but the most significant is that we’re all, to a large degree, on our own.

We must work together to avert this disaster!

Each and every council, every hospital, every university, every police force, fire brigade or ambulance service… we’re all trying to do our bit. But operating alone, we are not having the maximum possible impact, and the inefficiencies are huge.

A sustainability officer cannot be aware of and understand absolutely all of the possible technology solutions, nor be able to benchmark and balance environmental impact against cost or return on investment, so that finance officers can prioritise action plans. Even when solutions do appear, we then have to go through the whole procurement cycle. time-consuming in the face of emergency that we’re facing.

The solutions are out there, and we need to share them

From energy management systems to water conservation and from pothole repair tech to blockchain validation of identity and qualifications, solutions are out there that every singly public body should be adopting immediately because they both save significant amounts of money and at the same time have a positive environmental impact.

Imagine if we can come together, as a sector and implement even just the measures that save money!

Thousands of public bodies all turbo-charging their environmental impact. No other country has done that but we wouldn’t just be setting the UK up as a global leader, we’d be building a template that they can replicate, and a community that they can join and support with their own success stories and solutions that we can then benefit from.

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