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A novel way to modify waste plastic for use as a traditional aggregate replacement in construction materials.



Plastech Innovation’s mission is to identify plastic waste streams from various sources and apply our technical knowledge to produce useful innovative
materials, creating value from the valueless whilst providing positive social and environmental impacts in the UK and globally. This proposal exploits our
patentable technology to transform plastic waste into a partial sand substitute for use in concrete and other construction materials. We will contribute to a
circular and sustainable economy by diverting post-consumer, post-industrial and pre-manufacture waste plastic away from landfills and incineration. Plastic
production is predicted to double in the next 10 years, meaning a solution that repurposes waste plastic is needed urgently. Globally, 50 billion tonnes of
sand are used annually in construction; moreover, not all sand can be used for construction due to the particle shape. Construction-grade sand is usually
dredged from rivers and sea-beds, leading to significantly damaging impacts on ecosystems, destroying habitats for marine and freshwater life. The use of
aggregate derived from waste plastic will reduce demand for such sand, reduce damage to the environment and offer a solution to global shortages in
construction-grade sand.
_’For waste management companies, local authorities and_ _plastic manufacturing_ _industries_ _who want new disposal routes for undesirable mixed and
low-grade plastic waste,_ _Plastech Innovation provides an alternative_ _that is more cost-effective and eco-friendly than current disposal methods.’_
_’For construction companies_ _who want to reduce transportation costs and their environmental impact,_ _our innovative plastic aggregate is a product_
_that reduces the use of heavy natural aggregates by replacing them with a lightweight eco-friendly alternative.’_
The plastics industry produces only 3% of the mass produced by the concrete industry. The substitution of just 1.3% of construction-grade sand with plastic
aggregate would eliminate global plastic pollution. Targeting and disrupting such vast markets, means our aggregate could help provide solutions to some of
the most threatening global challenges.