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AEC Production Control Room


MACE LIMITED, 3D REPO LTD, EVIFILE LIMITED , Imperial College London, MISSION ROOM LIMITED, University College London

Construction projects are infamous for delays, omissions, overruns and often spiraling costs. In line with the Governmental Industrial Strategy Construction
Sector Deal, our aim is to improve the performance of UK construction by better, more efficient and proactive rather than reactive project management.
We, therefore, propose to build a scalable and repeatable ‘plug-and-play’ construction management and reporting platform that will be tested on three major
infrastructure projects in the UK. This digital project management platform will be accessible via physical site-mounted ‘AEC Production Control Rooms’ that
will display a suite of preconfigured performance metrics using real-time data, facilitating forward planning and collaborative decision making at team, project
and portfolio level. A fourth HQ-mounted Master Control Room will enable benchmarking across different projects remotely.
Clients, planners, site managers and engineers will be able to track real-time project performance and take action based on insights. These stakeholders will,
for the first time, be able to objectively compare _’what was planned’_ versus _’what has been delivered’_. Such a solution will track the status of each
construction element (for instance all structural steel elements) from design, approval, manufacture and delivery, all the way to site fitting/completion, and
facilitate future opportunities for operational cost savings via Digital Twin capabilities at the national level.
A feedback loop will enable predictive analytics such as early risk warnings, benchmarking across different portfolio projects and continuous 4D planning. All
information will be set out clearly in both physical and digital space so that the parties involved can either collaborate remotely, or in person within the AEC
Production Control Room on site.
Some of the barriers to adoption so far include lack of consistent digital and data architecture; contract models to support open and transparent data
exchange; and capability at every level of the supply chain, from client (portfolio) to workforce (package) level. Together, our highly innovative and awardwinning
project team will demonstrate a path forward to overcome each of these barriers, offering a new way of working for the construction industry in an
open and collaborative way. Being able to demonstrate the AEC Production Control Room on three major construction projects will enable us to share the
benefits, outcomes, and designs with the industry in order to encourage widespread adoption and support an unprecedented quantum leap to a highperforming
construction industry