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AIVA development to enhance Network Rail experience for passengers and staff


Ipsotek Limited

Ipsotek specialises in advanced video analytics solutions enhanced through artificial intelligence techniques (“AIVA”). It’s technology has been applied to
address safety, security and operations requirements in a wide range of commercial verticals, and particularly in airports where it has significant
deployments. Ipsotek intends to apply its technology to provide bespoke solutions for the UK rail industry by developing a suite of capabilities that address
immediate challenges and support long term growth plans.
Safety and security challenges will be addressed with the application of Video Analytics (VA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to accurately detect
and identify each threatening behaviour or safety risk demonstrated by individuals or crowds at the station. Here specific AI networks will be deployed that
are trained to detect people and other objects in crowded scenes, estimate crowd density and generate density heatmaps. These networks will be further
trained on Network Rail specific camera footage to improve their performance and make their experience specific to the rail CCTV environment.
Furthermore, specific VA algorithms will be customised to raise events when behaviours of interest have been observed. Ipsotek will fully utilise its patented
Scenario Based Rule Engine to create precise and detailed scenarios of interest that will address immediate requirements while providing the flexibility to
adapt as the behaviours evolve and requirements progress. Additionally, on a continuous basis the system is able to generate data based on scene
conditions that will enable crowding and other trends to be identified, as well as generate real time alarms for predefined safety and security threats detected.
The developed solutions will be deployed and demonstrated in a live station environment on live feeds from the station CCTV network with live events and
reports provided to station staff and managers.
Throughout the project, Ipsotek will demonstrate the feasibility of adopting the solutions developed on a large scale with minimum reconfiguration or redesign
by relying on its mature underlying video analytics platform that provides advance scene recognition, segmentation and calibration capabilities.
Ipsotek aims to provide a system that will assist rail managers to reach informed decisions related to station and passenger management, enhance security
and safety by heightening situational awareness and improve the overall rail journey of commuters.