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DETER – crowD bEhaviour and objecT dEtection for Railway station security


The Manufacturing Technology Centre Limited

Project DETER: Crowd behaviour and object detection for railway station security
Project DETER aims to enhance safety at railway station environments and to reduce delay resulting from incidents caused by unusual, unsuitable and
undesirable behaviours through the use of intelligent video analytics. In order to ensure successful development and commercialisation of DETER’s solution,
this project brings together a strong partnership between the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) and One Big Circle (OBC).
The MTC is a High Value Manufacturing Catapult which focuses on delivering applied research projects with the objective of maturing technologies at low
readiness level into industry-ready solutions, additionally showcasing these solutions by means of technology demonstrators. OBC provides bespoke
technical solutions to complex video and integration projects with 30 years combined experience in CCTV system commissioning.
This project will focus on developing a specific set of components and modules to enhance One Big Circle’s proven video capture and analysis product AIVR
(Automated Intelligent Video Review), which can perform object recognition and people detection in railway environments. The innovation in DETER, will be
in building a Behaviour Engine capable of classifying events of interest in real time specifically for the railway station environment. Upon detection of such
events, an automatic alert will be generated for the operator which will provide information such as location of the camera and the event detected. This new
solution will be commercialised by One Big Circle as AIVR Lookout.