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Digital Sensor Technology for Concrete Monitoring and Surplus Concrete Redistribution



Waste concrete has become a global construction problem, with over 500M tonnes of surplus concrete being sent to landfill every year. The CO2 produced
for the manufacture of structural concrete (using ~14% cement) is estimated at 176 kg/tonne (This is Concrete, 2017), meaning that 88M tonnes of CO2 is
unnecessarily released into the atmosphere every year. To bring the concrete sector in line with the Paris Agreement, its annual emissions will need to fall by
at least 16% by 2030 (Energy Technology Perspectives, 2017). There is therefore a strong need to find valorisation in surplus concrete by creating a circular
economy for concrete, in turn reducing the carbon footprint of this industry.
In response, Cloud Cycle has developed an innovative solution that combines digital sensor technology in concrete trucks with intelligent analytics to
calculate the quality, volume & time remaining before the concrete load sets. Cloud Cycle’s online platform enables concrete companies to manage wet
concrete loads more efficiently, reducing waste and connecting surplus concrete with buyers, directly reducing surplus concrete from going to landfill,
therefore reducing the carbon footprint of concrete production. Cloud Cycle, in partnership with Sustainable Ventures, will work with Sheffield University,
London Concrete, Keltbray and CEMEX to develop the digital sensor technology, improving the logistics of their wet-concrete redistribution platform.
Cloud Cycle aligns with the TIP Strategy to ‘improve both delivery and operation through technology and modern methods’ and in turn aligns with the TIES
strategy objectives to increase efficiency, boost the supply chain productivity and adopt new methods of construction to reduce project delivery time and
reduce carbon emissions. By managing wet concrete loads in real time & matching supply and demand of surplus concrete, Cloud Cycle is directly improving
the supply chain productivity in the construction sector by reducing the amount of concrete going to landfill and associated costs of this, whilst also improving
the carbon footprint of concrete by valorising a waste material.