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FourAI: Four Point AI System for CCTV Security


Viapontica Ltd

Viapontica AI is proposing to design, build, evaluate and test a Critical Events Monitoring System (CEMS) which can identify dangerous developing situations
in real time, allowing a relay room operator to anticipate dangers before they lead to potentially harmful or even deadly consequences.
Our approach will be to deploy AI software on the edge, locally in train stations, to monitor in real-time video streams from tens of cameras to detect and alert
personnel on duty of critical events. The four-point monitoring system encompasses 1) security, life at risk, and public-order violation incidents, 2) dangerous
crowd formations, and 3) abandoned objects, 4) unusual person behavior. Essentially, CEMS will provide a network operator at their control desk with alerts
of high-risk behaviors developing in real time, through selected camera views and audible alarms
The true value of CEMS is that it will save operators time in identifying incidents, thus giving them a faster reaction time, senior officials will be able to
demonstrate their commitment to the safety mission by showing the proactiveness of Network Rail and passengers and the general public’s perception will
improve when they see demonstrable evidence of dangerous situations being diffused before they take place.