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GoalShaper Feasibility Study



Low productivity has no simple solution and there is no easy answer; The solution to this problem needs careful consideration and a feasibility project is
proposed to measure the efficacy of our assumptions.
Low skill levels are a major factor particularly outside of London. More investment is needed in promoting skills, particularly vocational qualifications and
personal development. However, in most businesses, particularly SMEs, training is conducted on an ad-hoc basis to satisfy minimum requirements for H&S,
professional development (CPD) or requirements for specific roles.
The need is for an evidence-based digital platform providing a transparent way for employees to work on their tasks and goals in real time and identify their
own developmental gaps and training needs which then contributes to the overall vision at corporates, SMEs and high growth companies.
We propose a technology known as GoalShaper as an API integrated Enterprise level smart application to address this need and foster
?A sense of individual responsibility and understanding of the contribution employees will make to their organisation
?Opportunities for managers to have meaningful developmental discussions with staff in real time vs annual appraisals
?Performance review discussions that are structured, goal oriented & evidence based
?Transparency across the organisation and teams