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One Source of Truth: Using AI & Computer vision to reduce contract disputes, manage warranties in MMC building and measure productivity & safety



Contract administration is one of the leading cause of construction disputes in the UK. There are many reasons, including the bespoke nature of much of
construction, lack of standard productivity rates, objective records, and time lags between issues and communication with the delivery team/supply chain in
order to effect mitigation. Such lags lead to productivity loss, delays in payment, erosion in collaboration and in worst case scenarios, costly legal cases that
further erode productivity.
Such issues can impact on collaborative arrangements between client and contractors when delivering innovative solutions (such as housing delivered using
modern methods of construction, MMCs). The true causes of delays or productivity issues may be incorrectly assigned to the innovation rather than other
aspects of the construction programme. Additionally, warranty (and insurance, mortgages, assurances) providers need confidence that the manufacture and
assembly of homes is consistent and that appropriate quality checks are applied to help minimise the risk of failures in use.
Our **’one-source’** solution will address these issues. It includes:
1.A system of work (including a pre-start service) that allow clients and contractors to identify key project risk areas and associated productivity and progress
metrics in line with contract or warranty needs.
2.A framework of digital modules (including internet of things (IOT), computer vision (CV) and artificial intelligence (AI)) for monitoring asset availability and
usage, man-hour and working type of staff, and work progress.
The main project outcome will be a Proof-of-concept version of the solution. We believe that a successful project will derisk the internal funding needed to
produce and roll-out a full commercial-level version, enabling us to move quickly to market.
The project will be led by **BAM Nuttall**, who will address contractual requirements and provide access to infrastructure construction sites to enable the
‘one-source’ solution to be piloted and assessed in the context of contract administration. **Werner Homes** (an SME house builder) will provide access to
MMC-based sites and provide the use case for the requirements of warranty provision and productivity measurement in the housebuilding context. UK SME
**Glideology** will develop the integrally scalable software and hardware solution. **Cranfield University** will bring Computer Vision and Artifical Intelligence
expertise. **BRE** will provide expertise on the needs of warranties for housing (building on the BPS 7014 standard) and coordination with the Construction
Innovation Hub.