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SBRI: innovation in rail security surveillance analytics, phase 1


SeeQuestor Limited

SeeQuestor – a leading UK SME in the field of video artificial intelligence with a track record of delivering innovative & award winning products – will deliver its
vision for “Intelligent CCTV (iCCTV)”. The advanced analytics platform will take recorded video streams and process them through SeeQuestor’s metadata
engine, making that data instantly searchable, whilst presenting events of interest to Network Rail viewers (as if in real time). Key features will include: threat
detection (e.g. guns, knives, abandoned bags); behavioural analysis (loitering, running, abnornal activity); crowd analysis; instantly locating persons of
interest & more. The demonstrator is designed to facilitate rapid incident response as well as to predict events that might impact public safety ahead of time.
Leveraging as much of the Network Rail camera infrastructure as possible and designed to be easily scalable, including for very large camera networks.
iCCTV will enhance the skills of Network Rail CCTV operators, by providing rapid, intelligent and simultaneous monitoring of live feeds from hundreds of
cameras, something outside the capabilities of any human. Thereby vastly improving monitoring coverage by focusing operator’s attention to where it is most
effective, improving response times through proactively checking & identifying persons of interest and behaviour and the receiving of associated
safeguarding information, key to the safety of personnel, as well as improve passenger service and experience. SeeQuestor is able to demonstrate some of
these functionalities today, however, is applying for funding to further develop, refine & productise its algorithms and to build a robust software demonstrator