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Smart Engineered Big Sister


Zircon Software Limited

Smart Engineered Big Sister (SEBS)
Zircon has been involved in Machine Learning (ML) research for over 5 years. In particular much of the research has utilised Video Analytics.
After a successful 6 month trial a previous research project, called Platform Train Interface (PTI) Cam, was installed at London Undergound Victoria station.
PTI Cam detected passenger interaction and intrusion from platform to the track. PTI Cam forms the basis upon which the SEBS solution can be built. PTI
Cam delivered a successful demonstration. Zircon are taking the same approach in this competition and applying it to the scenarios outlined, notably:
Loitering; unusual behaviours and incidents; crowd trend analysis; threat detection and abandoned objects that are not part of station upgrade work.
Using PTI Cam as a foundation, Zircon intends to integrate existing individual off the shelf ML detection technologies with a bespoke analysis platform to
deliver an automated monitoring and alerting system that meets station control centre needs.
Zircon will be utilising existing CCTV Infrastructure and as a result there will be no significant roll out cost to deploy our solution.