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TPA procurement frameworks offer public sector bodies transformative change

What is a procurement framework?

A UK public sector organisation is governed by procurement law, and if contracts meet or exceed a certain price threshold, there are regulations that must be adhered to.

Once a threshold has been exceeded, an organisation must either run its own competitive tender process, or alternatively seek out a framework agreement where the service they need is already approved and listed.

If no suitable framework exists, TPA can work with you to build a bespoke version, and source suppliers who are qualified and compliant with required regulation to offer the services within it. 

You can then award a contract with prices and terms already fixed for a given period of time.


We've done the due diligence, so you don't have to!

TPA framework process

  • A Framework Invitation to Tender (ITT) notice is published on the Government FTS website (
  • Bids are received from across the market for the Lots covered within it.
  • The criteria for successful bids include meeting the detailed specification, price, added extra value and corporate social responsibility.
  • Successful Lots are awarded and published on the FTS site.
  • The framework is officially declared open for interested buyers, and remains so for a period of four year

Why use a framework at all?

  • Reduced procurement costs and pressure on internal resource.
  • Streamlined and de-risked procurement process.
  • Access to highly attractive pricing.
  • The benefit of expert, detailed marking by framework managers.
  • Framework suppliers are already professionally assessed.

Why use a TPA framework?

  • Extremely competitive pricing compared with an individual tender – we can negotiate because we buy services in bulk.
  • Free savings analysis/comparison services.
  • Expert ongoing Framework management.
  • Support through call-off and implementation phases.
  • Bespoke Frameworks can be built to order.

Banking and Finance Framework (BFF)

The first Framework produced and managed by the TPA is the Banking and Finance Framework (BFF).